My Repositories

The source for this very blog! (based upon Octopress which in turn runs off Jekyll)

Description Utilities

ActionScript library which assists in parsing out all of a Class’s members, or parsing out Flex metadata (both custom and native). Example projects can be found in the “downloads” of the corresponding repositories.

Includes the following repositories:


My personal fork of AdamAtomic’s ActionScript game framework, Flixel.

The repository includes both bug fixes as well as suggested changes or additions to the framework. The full list of branches can be found in the Flixel forum thread IQAndreas Flixel branches on GitHub.

Small projects

FDT Ubuntu Launcher Files

The source files required for the blog post Ubuntu: Adding FDT to the List of Applications.

Drop Painter

Code for the “drop painter” experiment powered by Box2D.

Disappearing Eclipse Project

An example (and warning) of what happens if you forget to include the hidden project files to your commits.

Greenscreen Video Library

An easy to use wrapper for Quasimondo’s greenscreen PixelBender filter, as well as some general video utilities. It’s fully functional, but needs some tidying up.

Bug fixes and patches


Fork of MPalmer’s Static Comments Plugin for Jekyll (used by this blog). The recommended fix will automatically redirect the user back to the post they were viewing when they have submitted a comment to the PHP page.


Fork of github/gitignore. The fix is applied to the Actionscript.gitignore and adds folders used by FDT which should ideally be ignored.

When in the world will GitHub pull in the changes so I can remove the damned repository from my profile??


Fork of PhotonStorm’s sample Flixel game, FlxSnake. The only changes made were updating the code to work with Flixel version 2.55. (The sample game was made for Flixel 2.23 and is incompatible with the current version)

In Progress


ActionScript library for making throwing and reporting errors easier.


An attempt to port MinimalComps to Flixel.


Fork of maxgronlund/haxecast-sourcecode. Identical to MaxGronlund’s version but is set up as FDT projects rather than TextMate projects.