The Humble AIR Bundle

I’d like to say straight off the bat that this bundle does not exist. It’s just an idea I have been playing with in my mind.

Adobe recently announced that they will no longer be releasing updates for AIR for Linux. This saddens me, mainly because the reason I switched from working with .Net to Flash was the “multi-platformness” – the ability to compile once and have your game or application run on any operating system (it has a proper name, but it’s still on the tip of my tongue).

A few games in previous Humble Indie Bundles were actually Flash games (even if the players don’t notice it); Samorost 2, Machinarium, and Trauma. Even though Flash can’t make the most powerful of games, it’s fairly obvious that Flash games are at least playable.

AIR increases the functionality of Flash, and adds mobile devices to the available platforms, all with very little additional changes made to your existing game or application.

I’m sure if a small group of Flash game developers teamed up “Humble Bundle style” they could release a bundle with multi-platform, DRM-free AIR games, with proceeds either going towards charities, or perhaps towards the open source developers working on the AIR binaries for Linux. In either case, the bundle would provide positive publicity for AIR.

I don’t have the influence or resources to do this, but do you?

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