ActionScript Blogs to Follow [March 2010]

A Google search for “ActionScript blog” returns over 5,790,000 results. In a widespread internet world like this, it can be difficult (especially for beginners) sifting through which information is reliable and helpful, and which simply isn’t (hopefully this blog is not in the latter category).

Here is my personal list of blogs I find quite worthwhile to bookmark and check up on from time to time.

Freelance Flash Games

A great resource which stands out primarily for it’s great articles about sponsorships, advertisements, game design, and where to find sounds, fonts, and graphics for your games.

I help people make games – Michael James Williams

Several great tutorials and posts on making games, most notable for his guide on creating an Avoider Game in ActionScript 3, where no prior knowledge of programming required. One very helpful recent post is learning to Blit and Cache MovieClips.

Emanuele Feronato – Italian geek and PROgrammer

Emanuele has several great tutorials on learning to make games, including using Box2D to create physics based games. Also a bountiful source of advertising reviews for a lot of commercial ActionScript software. – gBlog

From the guy most notable for the “GTween” tweening engine and the new, easy to use Performance Tester. New classes and utilities are released every so often, however, most posts are aimed more at intermediate ActionScript developers.

Rasmus Wriedt Larsen

He doesn’t have great amount of posts yet, and updates about as (ir)regularly as me, but the does have several helpful and easy to read articles, including how to use the undocumented function “addFrameScript” to add code to run once a MovieClip has finished playing without the need of a timeline.


A fantastic set of video tutorials on various categories, mostly made up of “introduction” and “getting started” videos for things like Augmented Reality, ByteArrays, ZendAMF, SWF Address, and more. It’s not a blog per se, (Lee Brimelow does have a blog as well, but it’s not always “beginner friendly”) but it’s definitely worth following, and a great source for beginners.

Do you have any favorite blogs you like to follow? Post a comment!

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From: Michael J Williams
2012-03-13 04:11

Hey, thanks for the link :)

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